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Live your experience at 360°

have a carefree day

together with your family or friends

Spend time doing what makes you feel good.

discover everything you can do in Brunate and choose your favorite experience.

The car is not needed

To get to our restaurant without using the car the journey is very simple!

You can take the funicular from Como and in a few minutes you will reach the central square of Brunate.

From here, on weekends and public holidays, a bus is available and will take you right to the foot of the Voltiano Lighthouse. Alternatively you can choose one panoramic jeep to enjoy an unforgettable landscape and immortalize it with some fantastic photos. The service is available from Monday to Saturday.

Reach us on foot

If you prefer walking in the nature or have a passion for mountain bike trips, you can opt for the beautiful trails that connect the center of Como with Brunate and San Maurizio.

route in stages surrounded by greenery, lasting about 1 hour and a half, where you can admire the splendid Art Nouveau villas between one stop and another, the hermitage of San Donato the panoramic views of Lake Como. 

At the end of your hike we will be here,

ready to welcome you! 

The Volta Lighthouse

The lighthouse dedicated to Alessandro Volta it is an unmissable stop on your tour in Brunate.

With its 29m high tower it overlooks Lake Como and the surrounding landscape. On days when the sky is totally clear, it is also possible to see the province of Milan.

In the evening, the terrace below offers the enchanting lake surrounded by sparkling lights

Could you think of anything more romantic?

An experience of flavours

To conclude your experience, you cannot give up the pleasure of a local cuisine, in a familiar and welcoming environment, in front of a wonderful landscape.

Our seasonal menu includes our tradition, the genuineness of homemade products and at the same time also the innovation and the research for new flavors and combinations, to give you an ever more unique and unforgettable experience.

Do you really want to miss all this? come visit us!

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